Kind Pen GravIX Automated Gravity Bong

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Put your iron lungs to the test with the first-ever fully-automatic gravity bong from The Kind Pen! The innovative GravIX Gravity Bong features a removable and rechargeable power source at the top of the bong that allows you to choose between three power settings. This setting will determine the density of your smoke and the potency of your bong hits. Once a preferred temperature has been selected, you can push the button on the top of the GravIX to start the automatic percolator and watch as the water chamber bubbles. Next, hold a lighter above the flower inside your bowl piece so that the air suction created from the automatic perc pulls the flame and lights your bowl, as you would with a standard gravity bong. As both glass chambers continue to fill with the smoke, the GravIX will begin to push out the smoke through the mouthpiece and replicate the authentic grav bong experience! When both chambers are filled with smoke, and you are ready to clear the device, use the built-in air carb button underneath the main chamber while inhaling. Activating the air carb button will also stop the power source from filling the gravity bong with smoke, ensuring each hit stays fresh and no bowl pack goes wasted. 

Gravity bongs are intended to produce huge clouds of smoke, and the GravIX is no different. The GravIX Automatic Gravity Bong was designed with simplicity in mind, as there is no flipping or pulling of the chamber to get large hits. This gravity bong has two borosilicate glass chambers and an anodized aluminum frame, the components of a highly durable water pipe. The GravIX comes with a black borosilicate glass bowl to match the aesthetic and produce flavorful rips of your flower. The GravIX also has a hookah bowl, tray, and cleaning brushes for enjoying shisha and cleaning between materials. A silicone hose attaches to the gravity bong’s smoking chamber so you can easily pass it around with friends while lounging. The GravIX Automatic Gravity Bong even has a music-activated lighting system that sets the perfect environment for your sessions!

Kind Pen GravIX Automatic Gravity Bong

This automatic gravity bong may look hefty, but The Kind Pen includes key features to make the GravIX as portable as can be. The GravIX can be easily assembled and disassembled, so you don’t waste too much time on the setup and breakdown. They included a protective case with compartments for each part, making it travel-friendly and safe from damage while on the move. The power source has a 2000mAh battery allowing the GravIX to run countless sessions before needing a charge. When your battery is ready to be recharged, the included Micro USB charger can be conveniently plugged into any USB port. Grab The Kind Pen GravIX Automatic Gravity Bong today for massive rips with little to no effort required!

How To Use the GravIX Bong:

  1. If you plan on using the hookah hose, screw together the hose handle and mouthpiece and plug the whip into the stem that branches off the bong’s main chamber.
  2. Screw on the percolator downstem underneath the bowl piece section.
  3. Fill the water chamber with enough water to cover the base of the percolator by half an inch and screw it onto the GravIX in the same place as the percolator.
  4. Pack your desired amount of ground herb into the bowl piece and insert it in the female joint above the water chamber.
  5. Hold down the button at the top of the main chamber (front and center) to power on your GravIX and use the same button to toggle through the different power settings (low, medium, high), as indicated by lights on the top of the bong.
  6. Select your desired power setting and hold the button again to activate the electric gravity bong.
  7. Hold a lighter above the flower inside your bowl piece so that the air suction from the automatic perc pulls the flame and lights your bowl.
  8. Once the chambers are filled with smoke, you can inhale directly from the stem on the unit or from the mouthpiece on the hookah hose for a continuous hit.
  9. To stop the automatic gravity bong from producing smoke and clear the chambers, push the built-in air carb underneath the main glass globe while simultaneously inhaling.

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Kind Pen GravIX Automated Gravity Bong
Designed for Dry Herbs & Hookah 🌿🍂
Black Anodized Aluminum Body
Music-Activated Lighting
Automatic Gravity Bong
Electric Gravity Bong
2000mAh Battery
Air Carb Button
12” inches Tall
Patented Design
14mm Female Joint
14mm Male Bowl Piece
Reusable Box for Storage
Male Joint Adapter Included
Eliminates Shared Mouthpieces
Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

Box Includes:

1 x GravIX Automatic Gravity Bong
2 x Clear Glass Globes/Chambers
1 x Male-to-Male Adapter
1 x Dry Herb Bowl
1 x Charcoal Tray
1 x Rolling Tray
1 x Hookah Bowl
1 x Hookah Hose
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Micro USB Charger
1 x Reusable Travel Case

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