Kannastor 1.5” GR8TR V2 Mini Grinder

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The GR8TR Mini is the newest member to join the family of revolutionary Version 2 GR8TR Grinders from Kannastor. Considered to be the gold standard in grinder technology, the GR8TR Mini features a deep-dish grinding chamber, built-in bonus storage area, and a modular design that can be broken down and reassembled for different uses. The GR8TR Mini Grinder features special friction rings that are explicitly designed to eliminate the build-up of residue that accumulates on every grinder with continuous use. You’ll experience the most effortless grind possible thanks to these anti-friction/residue rings that were engineered for the smoothest, perfect grind with every use.

The most compact model of the Kannastor GR8TR V2 Grinders, the GR8TR Mini measures a travel-friendly 1.5” inches tall by 1.5” inches in diameter. The extra-large middle chamber on the GR8TR Mini allows you to shred far more material at once compared to any other 1.5” inch grinder on the market. Like other Kannastor Grinders that are modular by design, you can utilize the GR8TR Mini as the full 5-piece set, transform it into a travel-friendly 3-piece grinder better suited for on-the-go use, or use as little as two pieces for a pocket-friendly storage puck! 

Kannastor GR8TR V2 Mini Grinder

The Kannastor GR8TR Mini Grinder contains five total pieces when fully assembled and functions similar to a 3-piece grinder. The topmost section features extra storage space while the middle grater chamber shreds your dry herbs into the bottom compartment. This model is now the most compact of the new GR8TR Grinders and excludes the use of a mesh screen and kief compartment at the base. Complete with fully customizable parts and the most innovative functionality around, the GR8TR Mini Grinder is truly superior to every other grinder on the market.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Kannastor GR8TR Mini Grinder 
Extra Deep Grinding Chamber
Razor Sharp Grinding Teeth
Prevents Over Shredding
Top Lid Bonus Storage 
Modular By Design
1.5” inch Diameter
1.5” inches Tall
5-Part Design
Ergonomic Grip
Polished Puck Base
3-Piece Functionality*
Etched Kannastor Decal 
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Anti Friction & Residue Rings
Anodized Aluminum Construction
Guitar Pick Scraper Tool Included


*Note: The Kannastor GR8TR Mini Grinder functions similar to a 3-piece grinder and does not contain a pollen screen or kief compartment at the base.

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