Kannastor 2.5” Clear Top Jar Body 4pc Grinder

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Put an end to opening your grinder each morning just to find nothing but faded memories of the night before. With the Kannastor 2.5” Clear Top Jar Body Grinder, you’ll always have an eye on your stash thanks to the see-through middle chamber that holds your grinded materials. This 4-piece grinder also has a unique clear top grinding plate that allows you to see when your herbs have been grinded and fully deposited into the middle chamber, without having to open the lid. With clear visibility of both what you're grinding and what you have ready for action, there's no more guesswork when it comes to achieving the perfect grind. With so many versatile innovations packed into a 2.5” inch diameter body, this large grinder is Kannastor’s most convenient smoking accessory to date!

The Kannastor 2.5” Clear Top Jar Body Grinder is the perfect all-in-one accessory for effortlessly grinding, sifting, and storing your dry herbs. Featuring a newly engineered drop-through design on the bottom grinder plate that prevents over-shredding, your materials will be grinded to perfection with every twist. This large grinder stands 2.75” inches tall, complete with an extra deep jar body storage chamber in the middle designed for holding more of your materials than your average size grinder. Each of these chambers come equipped with a proprietary Easy Change Screen at the base, allowing excess pollen/kief from your herbs to pass through the screen and collect within the final compartment. Unlike multi-piece grinders of the past, these innovative mesh screens are replaceable and save you the headache of having to replace your entire grinder when one simple component becomes worn down or clogged. 

The Kannastor 2.5 Clear Top Jar Body 4-Piece Grinder is finished with a textured grip for easy twisting. Extra strong magnets secure the grinding plates together when on the move and each kief compartment includes a Kannastor guitar pick scraper tool for easy scooping of your pollen collection when it’s time to dig in. Just like other Kannastor 4-part grinders, this Clear Top Jar Body Grinder is modular by design and can break down into a slimmer, more travel-friendly 3-piece configuration by removing the sifting chamber at the base. With a remarkable, second to none design made from extremely durable anodized aluminum metal, this Kannastor Grinder is a true investment that will last for years to come. 

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Kannastor Clear Top Jar Body Grinder 
Anodized Aluminum Construction
Unique Drop-Through Design
Prevents Over Shredding
Deep Storage Chamber
Easy Change Screen
Modular By Design
2.5” inch Diameter
2.75” inches Tall
Clear Jar Body
Clear Top Lid
4-Part Design
Ergonomic Grip
Kief Compartment 
Compact & Portable
Magnetic Grinder Plates
Replaceable Pollen Screen
See-Through Middle Chamber
Guitar Pick Scraper Tool Included
60-Mesh Stainless Steel Pollen Screen

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