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The IOLITE Original Vaporizer was specifically designed to provide you with the lightest, most convenient way to bring your handheld vaporizer with you on-the-go. With a butane-gas power source, the IOLITE Original is super lightweight and ergonomically designed to be easy to hold and operate. This unique butane powered vaporizer lasts 2 hours on one full tank and only takes 10 seconds to charge! The IOLITE Original Vaporizer can also quickly reach its optimum vaping temperature of 375°F in 30 seconds. The body features a jet-black finish and is made with a high-grade plastic material known as Ultem. Put an end to settling for weak vaporizer pens just because of their portability and grab the IOLITE Original Vaporizer instead!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
IOLITE Original Jet-Black Vaporizer
Durable Ultem Construction
Butane Powered Vaporizer
2+ Hours on Full Tank
Ergonomic Design
Super Lightweight
Lightning Fast Charge
Portable & Travel-Friendly
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Proudly Designed & Made in Ireland

Box Includes:

1 x IOLITE Original Jet-Black Vaporizer
1 x Seven Dot Chamber Screen
1 x Extendable Mouthpiece
1 x Wide Cleaning Utensil
1 x Heater Mesh Screen
1 x Moisture Condenser
1 x Maintenance Tool
1 x Carrying Case
2 x Pipe Cleaners
1 x User Manual

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