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Higher Standards Tube Tops - Water Pipe Cleaning Plugs

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These Higher Standards Tube Tops are an essential tool for perfecting the cleaning ritual of your water pipes. After you fill your pipe with a solution, the premium silicone plugs close up all openings to ensure spill-free cleaning. Crafted from high grade silicone, Tube Tops are easy to insert or remove and create an air-tight seal so you can shake around cleaning solutions inside your pipe without spilling.

Each pack comes with 6 assorted plugs of small, medium and large sizes that fit the most common glass pipe openings. They double as scent-blockers for those who seek a stealthier experience. For the best performance, we recommend using Tube Tops with a mixture of Higher Standards Salt Rox and ISO Pure in your pipe.

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6 Premium Silicone Plugs
Airtight Seal
Fits Most Pipes

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