Higher Standards Clean Salt Rox
Higher Standards

Higher Standards Clean Salt Rox

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Higher Standards Salt Rox is a premium rock salt for removing the toughest residue from your water pipe. Finely milled to a uniform grind for optimal abrasion, Salt Rox easily breaks down buildup to return a crystal clear look to your glass pipe. When used in conjunction with Higher Standards ISO Pure, Salt Rox loosens and dissolves residues in your water pipe to enable thorough cleaning. Simply fill your water pipe with a combination of Salt Rox and ISO Pure, plug the joint and tube with Higher Standards Tube Tops, then swish the solution around by shaking the glass pipe. Ground to a small size, these coarse granules of rock salt are capable of cleaning out hard-to-reach areas, ensuring the best look and performance for your smoking accessories.

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Higher Standards Clean Salt Rox 💨 
Designed for Cleaning Glass Pipes & Bongs
Finely Milled Granules of Rock Salt
Deep Cleaning Action
Uniform Grind
Fresh Scent
23oz Bottle

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