Hemplights Spooly Hemp Wick Lighter Case

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Color: Pink
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Get yourself the coolest hemp dispenser of all-time with the Hemplights Spooly Lighter Case. Simply pop a mini BIC lighter into the protective shell and you’re ready to go. Featuring a built-in, pre-wrapped spool of hemp wick, the Spooly dispenses the perfect amount of hemp wick as you need it. Put an end to inhaling the nasty butane from lighters and start enjoying the better tastes & obvious health benefits of slow-burning, all-natural hemp wick. The Spooly is available in your choice of white, black, light green, dark green, blue, gray, pink & purple colors. 

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Compatible with Lighters 🔥
Hemplights Spooly Accessory
Built-In Hemp Wick Spool
Fits Mini BIC Lighters*
Pure Organic Hemp
Automatic Dispenser
Protective Lighter Case
Proudly Made in the USA

*Note: The Spooly Lighter Case only fits Mini BIC lighters or lighters with the exact same dimensions. 

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