Hemplights Clipper Hemp Wick Lighter Case

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The Hemplights Clipper Lighter Case is perfect for any smoker who loves their Clipper. This cheap smoking accessory proves highly valuable by providing you with all-natural hemp wick to light your bowls rather than inhaling the nasty butane directly from your lighter. The Hemplights Clipper Lighter Case arrives pre-wrapped with 4-feet of organic hemp and comes equipped with an aluminum tube that primes your hemp directly in front of the flame for easy lighting. Choose from a variety of colors and start enjoying the better tastes & obvious health benefits of slow-burning, all-natural hemp wick with the Hemplights Clipper Case!

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Compatible with Lighters 🔥
Hemplights Clipper Accessory
Fits Standard Clipper Lighters*
Pure Organic Hemp Wick
Easy to Use
Variety of Colors
Protective Lighter Case
Proudly Made in the USA

*Note: The Clipper Lighter Case is only made to fit Clipper lighters. 

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