Head Rush 6 ft. Beer Bong Funnel w. On/Off Valve 🍺

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Is this the bong you’ve been looking for? Get the party started with this 6-foot Beer Bong Funnel from Head Rush! This unique drinking accessory sports an on/off valve at the bottom of the hose for maximum control. The extra-long 6-foot hose is made from food-grade plastic and can fit about 2-3 beers when combined with the funnel on top! We recommend the person drinking the contents kneel down so that the funnel and hose are always above their mouth to avoid air pockets. Head Rush Products is a beer bong online retailer and is proud to be the #1 selling beer bong company worldwide. Take your parties to the next level with the Head Rush 6 Foot Beer Bong Funnel today!

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Head Rush 6 Foot Beer Bong Funnel 🍺
Food-Grade Plastic Hose & Funnel
Easy to Use On/Off Valve
Single Hose Beer Bong
Great for Keg Parties!
Silver Funnel
Green Hose

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