Grav® 8” Bubble Base Beaker Bong - Black

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Grav put a twist on this tried and true beaker bong design by adding a spherical bubble base. This updated look not only stands out, but it holds more water due to the larger volume of its rounded base. The Grav Bubble Base Beaker Bong features a fixed fission downstem that filters each rip through water for maximum filtration using tiny holes at the end of the glass. Equipped with Grav’s proprietary geometric pressed ice pinch, your smoke will be cooled to perfection every hit before reaching the ergonomic flared mouthpiece.

Grav Bubble Base Beaker Bong

The Grav Bubble Base Beaker Bong measures 8” inches tall and is made from 4mm thick borosilicate glass. Each of these water pipes includes a 14mm Cup Bowl Piece for your dry herbs and is finished with a sandblasted Grav decal on the neck. Choose between a clear glass body for a more scientific glass look, or go with black accents on the thick base & mouthpiece for a more contemporary approach. An elegant modern take on the classic bong design, this smaller glass water pipe delivers smooth, flavorful hits while still offering portability and ease-of-use. For the best performance, we recommend filling the Grav Bubble Base Beaker Bong with roughly 1.5” of water.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿 
Grav® Bubble Base Beaker Bong
High Quality Borosilicate Glass
Fixed Fission Downstem
Spherical Bubble Base
Geometric Ice Pinch
45° Joint Angle

8” inches Tall
Clear Glass
Black Accents
4mm Thick Glass
14mm Female Joint
14mm Male Cup Bowl
Sandblasted Grav Decal
Compact & Travel-Friendly
Scientific Glass Beaker Bong
Proudly Made in the USA [Austin, TX]

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