Grav® Silicone Capped Glass Crutch Filter Tip

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Top off your next joint or blunt with these fashionable glass filter tips fit with comfortable silicone mouthpieces. The Grav Glass Crutch features a tapered glass design that’s ready to hold your joint or blunt at a moments notice so you don't let anything go to waste. The silicone mouthpiece will block unwanted debris from entering your mouth while also preventing oils or resin from reaching your lips & fingertips. Both the silicone mouthpiece and glass insert are heat resistant, so you can put an end to burnt fingertips and joints that become difficult to pass around. 

Grav Silicone Capped Glass Filter Tip

There is a Grav Glass Crutch for just about everyone—choose between classic GRAV purple, a black crutch for all you ninjas, a teal mouthpiece to remind your spliff of the Caribbean, tried-and-true blue, or a pink crutch to match your soft side. This affordable smoking accessory is infinitely reusable and the glass comes apart from the silicone for super easy cleaning!

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Compatible with Joints & Blunts 🌿
GRAV® Silicone Capped Glass Crutch
Fits Most Joint/Pre-Rolled Sizes
Medical-Grade Glass 
Reusable Filter Tip
Conical Design
1.5” inches Tall
GRAV Decal
Choice of Colors
Silicone Mouthpiece
Ash-Catching Restriction
Heat Resistant Rolling Tip

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