Grav® "Phoenix" Open Top Ashcatcher - 14mm Joint, 90° Angle



The Grav Phoenix Ashcatcher features the first of its kind removable top so you can add ice, snow, diffuser beads, or whatever you like to help filter your smoke! The removable top makes this revolutionary water pipe accessory from Grav the most innovative and easiest to clean ash catcher on the market. To use, simply fill the main chamber so that the water level is just above the fixed downstem, allowing your smoke to be effectively filtered on each rip. This water filtration catches unwanted debris and prevents ash from reaching the main chamber of your bong. Each attachment includes a glass-on-glass lid and a built-in kickstand for easy loading. We recommend filling the Phoenix Ashcatcher with both ice & water for refreshing hits as cold as an arctic windchill!

Grav Phoenix Ash Catcher

The Grav Phoenix Ashcatcher was designed to get dirty while keeping your piece clean. The perfect tool for customizing your favorite glass bong, this Phoenix Ashcatcher features a 90° joint angle and 14mm male connection. The joint size corresponds with both joints, so this ash catcher will fit into any 14mm female joint water pipe while accepting 14mm male accessories on top. The Phoenix Ashcatcher includes a matching 14mm Male Funnel Bowl Piece for your dry herbs. The 90° joint angle works best with water pipes and glass bongs that also have a 90° joint angle (90-degree joints are vertical and sit upright). The Grav Phoenix Ashcatcher is available in multiple joint sizes and angles, so if this one doesn’t fit your needs click here to see the entire Phoenix lineup with other specifications. Keep your piece in pristine condition and rise from the ashes today with the Phoenix Ashcatcher from Grav!

Get Connected:

Compatible with Bongs & Water Pipes
Grav® Phoenix Open Top Ashcatcher 
Unique Removable Lid (29mm)
Male Joint - Fits Female Joints
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Keeps Your Bong Clean
Glass-on-Glass Cap
Built-In Kickstand
6.25” inches Tall
Ice Chamber
Thick Glass
Easy to Clean
90° Joint Angle
Stemless Design
14mm Joint Sizes
14mm Grav Funnel Bowl
Sandblasted GRAV Decals
Accepts 14mm Male Accessories
Fits 14mm Female Joint Water Pipes
Proudly Made in the USA [Austin, TX]

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Grav Phoenix Ashcatcher

Customer Edit (6/12/20) : I absolutely love everything this ash catcher brings to the table! Only warning is take the ice cap off when done using it. And this puppy is going to give the gift that keeps on giving. ------------ I used this once and was absolutely awesome. But I left the ice in the ash catcher and the top. Some how the top shrunk and wedged itself into the ash catcher and I’m unable to open the lid at all. So I can’t put any ice in it now. The one time it worked was awesome now it’s just a plan ash catcher that can’t be opened.

CaliConnected Grav® Phoenix Open Top Ashcatcher - 14mm Joint, 90° Angle ReviewCaliConnected Grav® Phoenix Open Top Ashcatcher - 14mm Joint, 90° Angle Review

Hey Hector, I’m so sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with your Grav Phoenix Ash Catcher. We wanted to reach out and explain why this might be happening and hopefully get this resolved! Why the top could be stuck: The first issue is that temperature changes can actually cause borosilicate glass to expand and contract. When you added ice to the ash catcher it may have shrunk, like you explained, causing the removable top to become wedged. Secondly, just like a removable downstem, the removable top on the Phoenix Ash Catcher can become stuck for a number of other reasons. Residue buildup is usually the number one cause, but seeing as your purchase is so new I don’t think this is the issue. If the outside surface of the removable top is not thoroughly dried before reinsertion, or the joint that holds the top is still wet, the moisture can form a ridiculously difficult seal. I believe when you added your water/ice inside the ash catcher that some excess moisture, in combination with the cold temperature from the ice, has caused the top to become wedged as you explained. How to resolve this: We recommend running hot tap water from your sink directly over the area where the top enters the ash catcher. If your hand can stand the temperature of the water, reach in and firmly (but cautiously) pinch the sides of the removable top and gently try to twist and pull. With any luck, the combination of heat and water lubrication should do the trick. If you believe resin buildup could be the issue causing the top to become stuck, you could try applying direct heat from a torch flame or similar heat source to loosen the materials. You don’t want to hold the flame to the glass for too long as you could damage the glass, but if there is visible resin or reclaim buildup you will see it begin to activate from the heat. Please reach back out if this information was helpful or not, and feel free to change your review if your Phoenix Ash Catcher has started working again to your expectations!

United States United States
Excellent accessory

Adds additional function to your pieces and helps keep them clean. Easy to clean this.

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