Grav® 5.5" Orbis Borocca Dab Rig

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Part of the Grav Orbis collection, the Borocca Rig features a contemporary design inspired by century-old Italian glass used to hold sacred wines & oils. The Borocca has a unique low-profile, angular beaker base that houses a fixed downstem with a circular disc perc. This percolator works to submerge each hit through water using 3 holes in the glass, effectively filtering out particles and cooling each hit to smooth perfection. The 3 holes face the mouthpiece and ensure your smoke is properly filtered even when holding this dab rig at an angle. The 3.5” wide beaker base provides stability when your water pipe is tabled and the flame polished female joint is double reinforced for an extra secure connection. 

Grav Orbis Borocca Dab Rig

The Grav Borocca Dab Rig measures 5.5” inches tall and is the smallest dab rig in the Grav Orbis Collection. Each of these thick glass oil rigs feature a 14mm female joint connection and include a 14mm male quartz banger designed for low-temp dabs of your favorite wax concentrates. The Borocca Rig is also equipped with the signature ball-and-socket mouthpiece, providing a modern and futuristic touch while doubling as an effective splash guard. Every Orbis rig is finished with black color-wrapped accents on the downstem, reinforced joint, and ball-and-socket mouthpiece. Grab the Grav Orbis Borocca Rig today and enjoy smooth, tasty dabs from a quintessential design that is always sure to please! 

Grav Orbis Borocca Dab Rig

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Grav® Orbis Borocca Dab Rig
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Ball & Socket Mouthpiece
Flame Polished Joint
3-Hole Diffuser Perc
Fixed Downstem
Reinforced Joint
5.5” inches Tall
Beaker Base
Bent Neck
90° Joint
Grav Decal
Clear Glass
Black Accents
Orbis Collection
3.5” inch Diameter
14mm Female Joint
14mm Male Quartz Banger
Inspired by Italian Glass Styles
Clear Scientific Glass Water Pipe

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