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The Grav Zip-Up Travel Case is the perfect way to discreetly store your favorite dugouts, small pipes, vaporizers, or other smoking accessories while on the move. The exterior features a durable cloth material with the Grav Labs logo stitched onto the front, and a high quality metal zipper that wraps things up. An included carabiner clip allows for easy attachment to belt loops, larger bags, or anywhere else for safekeeping while on-the-go. The Grav Zip-Up Travel Case is the same 4” bag that comes with the Grav Dugout set. 

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Grav® Zip-Up Soft Travel Case
Fits Small Pipes & Vaporizers
Durable Cloth Material
Metal Zipper Closure
4” inch Length
4” inches Tall
Grav Labs Logo
Included Carabiner Clip
Compact & Travel-Friendly
Designed for the Grav Dugout

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