Grav® Glass Blunt w. Silicone Grommet

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The new and improved Grav Glass Blunt solves the biggest issue folks had with the original design. The old heat shrink tubing that was used two connect the two glass components would eventually wear out from heavy usage. Grav took their design back to the drawing board and replaced the heat shrink tubing with a colorful silicone grommet that will never wear over time! The silicone grommet makes this glass blunt much easier to take apart and clean on a regular basis, with the same functionality you know and love from the original. The Grav Silicone Grommet Glass Blunt is a great choice for anyone tired of inhaling the cheap tobacco of which most blunt wraps are comprised. The glass blunt design is also wind resistant unlike rolling papers & blunt wraps, ensuring you always get a nice even burn. 

Grav Silicone Glass Blunt

To use the Grav Glass Blunt, pull back the mouthpiece to open up the main chamber and pack it with your ground herb. During the session, the mouthpiece can be pushed gently forward and into the outer sleeve to ash your spent materials while exposing fresh dry herb. Smoke is sifted and cooled as it travels through the airpath delivering the portability of a blunt with the smooth hits of a glass pipe. The Grav Glass Blunt is even equipped with a pinched straw mouthpiece that blocks ash from entering your mouth as you inhale. This affordable smoking accessory is infinitely reusable and the glass comes apart from the silicone for super easy cleaning! 

Grav Glass Blunt with Silicone

Grav Glass Blunts are made of high-grade borosilicate glass to keep the sessions going all year long. Measuring a compact and pocket-friendly 4” inches in length, this glass pipe is perfect for on-the-go use and sharing with friends. There is a Grav Glass Blunt for just about everyone—choose between classic GRAV purple, tried-and-true blue, a black blunt built for stealth, teal to remind your blunt of the Caribbean, or a pink glass blunt to match your soft side. 

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Grav® Glass Blunt w. Silicone Grommet
High Quality Borosilicate Glass
Resilient Silicone Grommet
New & Improved Design
Won't Wear Over Time
Pinched Mouthpiece
Ashing Mechanism
4” inch Length
Easy to Clean
Variety of Colors
Adjustable Length
Clear Scientific Glass 
Sandblasted GRAV Decal
Portable & Pocket-Friendly Pipe
American Made Glass [Austin, TX]

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