Grav® Gender/Size Adapter - Converts 14mm Male to 18mm Female

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Grav Gender Adapters are designed to convert the gender fitting on your favorite glass rig, while expansion adapters will increase the diameter to make them compatible with larger accessories. This combined gender/expansion adapter will change a 14mm male joint into a larger 18mm female joint and vice versa.

This straight adapter from Grav is made with premium borosilicate glass and features an 14mm female joint on the bottom while accepting 18mm male bowls, bangers, or other glass water pipe accessories on top. You can also use this adapter upside-down to convert an 18mm male joint into a smaller 14mm female fitting.

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Made for Bongs & Water Pipes
Grav® Joint Size & Gender Adapter
Converts 14mm Male to 18mm Female
Converts 18mm Male to 14mm Female
Changes Size & Gender of Joint
Female Joints - Fits Male Joints
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Holds Male Accessories
18mm Female Joint on Top
14mm Female Joint Bottom

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