Grav® 18mm Female Octobowl
Grav® 18mm Female Octobowl
Grav® 18mm Female Octobowl
GRAV / Grav Labs

Grav® 18mm Female Octobowl

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The Octobowl from Grav is an excellent choice for converting any 18mm male joint dab rig into a dual compatible water pipe. This dry herb bowl piece features a built-in honeycomb screen that eliminates clogging and promotes an even burning of your materials. The Octobowl is equipped with a deep flower bowl meant for large bowl packs and big rips. Every Octobowl is made from high-grade borosilicate glass with a worked glass pull handle for easy removal. The Grav 18mm Female Octobowl has a ground glass connection that will fit onto any water pipe/dab rig with an 18mm male joint.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Grav® Octobowl Bowl Piece
Thick Borosilicate Glass
Worked Glass Handle
18mm Joint Size
2.5” inches Tall
Built-in Screen
Deep Bowl
Large Capacity
Improves Airflow
Prevents Clogging
Ground Glass Joint
Sandblasted GRAV Decal
Female Joint Fits Male Joints
Converts Oil Rigs to Water Pipes

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