Grav® 14mm Female/14mm Female Dropdown Adapter

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Drop downs prove to be a useful smoking accessory in any glass collection, even more so for your dab rig setup. Drop downs work to reduce the heat damage to the joint of your water pipe that can eventually crack from withstanding the high temperatures of a torch flame. Likewise, they add some extra breathing room between your face and dab rig nail. The Grav 14mm Female/14mm Female Dropdown Adapter measures 4” inches in length and is made from high quality borosilicate glass. This unique drop down adapter features two 14mm female joint connections that will fit any glass water pipe with a 14mm male joint, more commonly known as a dab rig. Using this adapter will effectively convert your dab rig into a glass bong that accepts 14mm male joints, more commonly found of water pipe bowl pieces for dry herbs. 

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Compatible with Glass Bongs & Dab Rigs
Grav® 14mm Female Dropdown Adapter
Converts Dab Rigs to Water Pipes
High Quality Borosilicate Glass
Eliminates Heat Stress
14mm Female Joints
45° Angled Joints
4” inch Length
Ground Connections
Water Pipe Accessory
Sandblasted Grav Decal
Female Joints fit Male Joints
Scientific Glass Drop Down Adapter
Proudly Designed in the USA [Austin, TX]

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