Grav® 14mm Activated Charcoal Filter Attachment

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The Grav Charcoal Filter is a 2” inch tall glass chamber filled with activated charcoal, made to fit your favorite 14mm water pipe joint while holding your 14mm bowl piece on the top. The charcoal works to pull nasty tar and unwanted odors out of your smoke right from the start of each draw, providing you with an immaculate airflow and a cleaner bong. The Grav Charcoal Filter features a 14mm male joint, so it fits into any 14mm female joint water pipe. The top is equipped with a 14mm female joint so it will accommodate any 14mm male bowl piece or banger. Each of these unique water pipe attachments includes a 14mm glass plug and a white plastic keck clip to keep your charcoal fresh between use. The activated charcoal is accessible from the top so you can replace it anytime, without needing to buy a new attachment. Grab the Grav 14mm Activated Charcoal Filter today and start enjoying refined rips from your dry herbs while keeping your bong in pristine condition.

Grav Charcoal Filter Bong Attachment

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Compatible with Bongs & Water Pipes
Grav® Activated Charcoal Filter Attachment
14mm Male Joint - Fits 14mm Female Joints
Holds 14mm Male Bowl Pieces/Bangers
Traps Residue & Unwanted Odors
Clear Borosilicate Glass
Refillable Design
14mm Joints
Stays Fresh
2” inches Tall
90° Joint Angle
White Grav Decal
Compact & Lightweight
Included 14mm Glass Plug
Included White Plastic Keck Clip
Scientific Glass Bong Attachment

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