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The Elite II from Grenco Science is here to stand on the shoulders of its predecessor and hold its position as the most cutting-edge in dry herb vaporizer technology. With its dual-heater and air-path system, which allows it to access the full array of flavors, the Elite II has redefined the standards of herbal vaporization. The G Pen Elite II was designed to be the most compact, pocket-friendly, and ergonomic portable vaporizer and features precise temperature control, a high-resolution TFT display, a battery level indicator, and an all-ceramic heating chamber.

Grenco Science G Pen Elite 2 Vaporizer

The high-tech G Pen Elite II is engineered with a patented clean air intake and convection and conduction dual heater technology that pumps out thick and flavorful vapor. The clean air intake on the Elite II doubles as a built-in carb and is molded directly into the durable zinc-alloy body. This allows the airflow to be controlled by your thumb with each rip. The unit is able to achieve vaporization temperatures quickly, without burning herb, and maintain efficient temperature for long sessions. A long-lasting 2100mAh lithium-ion battery combined with USB-C fast-charging gives the device an hour of run time and can be fully recharged in 1.5 hours. These features give G Pen Elite II the edge over other portable vaporizers allowing for the highest level of performance and dependability.

Grenco Science G Pen Elite 2 Vaporizer

The G Pen Elite II features precise temperature adjustment of temperatures between 200º - 430ºF (93º - 221ºC). Such range allows for a high level of experimentation and customization, allowing you to find your optimal temperature setting. With the new G Pen Elite II, you’re in total control of every aspect of your vaporization experience. The high-resolution TFT display illuminates the unit’s temperature to the exact degree. It will also display the exact temperature as the G Pen Elite II heats, so there’s no guess as to when it’s time to vape. You can also see how much battery is left at a glance, making it clear when it’s time to charge.

The Elite II Mouthpiece is made of zirconia with an integrated spiral air-path, delivering cooled vapor and a comfortable contact temperature to the lips, and is magnetically attached for easy removal. At the opposite end, a handy built-in pick tool at the bottom of the device can assist in packing and clearing the oven. Get a dry herb vaporizer that is breaking boundaries and setting new standards of dry herb vaporizers with the G Pen Elite II from Grenco Science today!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
G Pen Elite II Dry Herb Vaporizer
TFT Screen Interface Display
Ceramic Heating Chamber
Compact Design
Rapid Heating
Clean Air Intake
0.5 Gram Capacity
Battery Level Indicator
USB-C Rapid Charging
Portable & Pocket Friendly Vape
Precise Temperature Control (200°-430°F)

Box Includes:

1 x G Pen Elite II Vaporizer
1 x G Pen Elite II Silicone Sleeve
1 x USB-C Charging Cable
1 x Hemp Travel Case
1 x Pick Tool

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