Eyce ProTeck Series Ashtray

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Broken glass and scattered ash is no way to start or end your relaxing smoke session. Eyce, the master innovators of silicone smoking accessories, created the Eyce ProTeck Series Ashtray to avoid this mishap altogether and keep your sessions clean. This hybrid ashtray is made from premium borosilicate glass just like your favorite glass bongs & pipes and encased within a platinum-cured silicone base so accidental drops are never an issue. If you aren’t impressed yet, the hybrid design allows this ashtray to quickly disassemble and act as 2 individual trays! The ashtray's outer rim features built-in storage space on the silicone walls designed to hold your favorite tools, rolling papers, and other supplies that help elevate your smoke sessions. Choose between 3 unique colors and enjoy another unrivaled silicone innovation from Eyce with the ProTeck Series Ashtray!

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Eyce ProTeck Series Ashtray
Thick-Cut Hexagon Shape
Platinum-Cured Silicone
Thick Borosilicate Glass
Hybrid 2-in-1 Design
3 Unique Colors
Easy to Clean
Durable & Tough
Built-in Tool Holders
Practically Indestructible

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