Eyce Oraflex Honeycomb Hand Pipe

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Color: Black & Yellow
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The Spoon pipe is the first innovation from Eyce’s new ORAFLEX series. Exclusive to Eyce and covered by a utility patent, ORAFLEX (Overmolded Rubber Art) pipes are designed with two layers of platinum-cured silicone. The outer layer is transparent, offering a deep and glossy aesthetic that mirrors an artisanal glass pipe. 

The ORAFLEX Spoon is a unique glass-like pipe that features an ergonomic grip and a removable borosilicate glass bowl for easy cleaning as well as a hidden ash poker. The honeycomb design showcases a large, hand-painted honeycomb feature on the head of the pipe and is wrapped in spiraling fine details. This pipe is also available in Floral, Spiral, and Switchback patterns with 5 color variations of each.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Eyce Oraflex Honeycomb Hand Pipe
Hand Blown Glass Aesthetic
Integrated Poker Tool
4.25” inch Length
Easy to Clean
Variety of Colors
Removable Glass Bowl
Practically Indestructible
Compact & Pocket-Friendly
Double-Layered Silicone Body

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