Eyce Collector - Silicone Nectar Collector

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The Eyce Collector is the ultimate tool for the oil connoisseur. Merging originality with functionality, the Eyce Nectar Collector effectively combines the benefits of indestructible silicone with a proprietary grade 2 titanium nail that delivers pure, flavorful vapor. The platinum-cured silicone body houses a water filtration system that uses a domed percolator to filter and cool down each draw, while the exterior sports an integrated non-stick wax storage container for bringing your materials with you on the move! When you're ready to access your goodies, we recommend you turn the storage container facing downwards so your materials fall into the lid before pulling it out. From there, the lid doubles as a non-stick plate for preparing your concentrates. 

The Eyce Collector measures 8” inches long and the domed percolator can be removed for a more travel-friendly & discreet 6” inch concentrate straw. The inside of the Eyce Collector is made from food-grade silicone just like outside, boasting a bacteria-free surface that can withstand high heats. The detachable 4-part design allows you to point the straw inside the body for sterility and protection between uses. Not only is this feature super convenient for travel, but works to cover your titanium nozzle when it’s still hot so it won't burn you or anything on your table. To use the heat shield, simply pull the silicone pieces apart and turn the nail inside the mouthpiece.

Eyce Silicone Collector

Nectar collectors, also known as concentrate straws, are extremely easy to operate. The removable chamber on the Eyce Collector is equipped with a 2” domed percolator that uses a minimal amount of water to moisture-condition each rip. We recommend filling this chamber with enough water to create bubbles when you inhale, but not so much that you get any splashback in the mouthpiece (test before heating). After filling with water and reassembling the unit, simply heat the titanium nozzle with your torch and make contact with your wax concentrates while you draw from the mouthpiece. Grab the Eyce Collector today and enjoy the convenient, user-friendly features that make this hand pipe the best concentrate straw on the market!

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Eyce Molds Silicone Nectar Collector
Platinum-Cured Silicone Body
Grade 2 Titanium Nozzle
Removable Percolator
Water Filtration
8” inch Length
1.5” Diameter
Easy to Clean
4-Piece Design
Detachable Parts
Unique Heat Shield
Compact & Travel-Friendly
Nearly Indestructible Design

Built-in Non-Stick Wax Storage
Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

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