EG Glass 15” Beaker Bong

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Design: Clock
Color: Light Blue
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The EG Glass Beaker Bong comes in many different styles and colors, each as stunning as the next! This beaker bong measures a towering 15” inches tall and is made from thick, high-quality borosilicate glass. It features a triple pinch ice catcher at the bottom of the neck, which can fit many cubes resulting in long, icy-cool smoke sessions. The 14mm male bowl piece fits large packs of your herb, while the 6-slit diffuser downstem helps to diffuse your smoke for smoother rips. The eye-catching EG Glass Logo is located on the neck and base of the bong. No matter which style you go with, the EG Glass Beaker is guaranteed to meet all your smoking needs! 

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
EG Glass 15” Beaker Bong
High-Quality Borosilicate Glass
Tripe-Pinch Ice Catcher
Diffuser Downstem
15” inches Tall
Thick Glass
Beaker Base
45° Joint Angle
EG Glass Decals
14mm Female Joint
14mm Male Bowl Piece
Various Styles and Colors
Scientific Glass Beaker Bong

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