Dr. Dabber Silicone Vape/Bong Mouthpiece

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Whether you're a full blown germaphobe or just feeling a bit under the weather, the Dr. Dabber Silicone Mouthpiece will have you covered. This unique attachment is the ultimate party companion designed for safely sharing glassware and vaporizers with others. The Dr. Dabber Silicone Mouthpiece is made from medical-grade platinum-cured silicone, and completely dishwasher safe for easy cleaning between uses. The universal design was made to fit nearly all Dr. Dabber Vaporizer Pens and standard size bong mouthpieces with ease. Simply insert the silicone mouthpiece onto your pen vape or glass pipe and rip away to your heart's content! As you inhale, the pressure naturally seals the device to provide for a safe and enjoyable experience. The Dr. Dabber Silicone Mouthpiece is complete with a lanyard attachment that makes it ideal for cannabis events. 

Dr. Dabber Silicone Bong Mouthpiece

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Dr. Dabber Silicone Mouthpiece 
Fits Most Water Pipes & Vapes
Black & Blue Marble Design
Medical Grade Silicone
Doctor Recommended
Universal Design
Heat Resistant
Airtight Seal
Anti-Slip Grip
Easy to Clean
Dishwasher Safe
Platinum-Cured Silicone
Durable & Travel-Friendly
Included Lanyard Attachment
Prevents Illness & Reduces Germs
Great for Parties & Cannabis Events!

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