Dr. Dabber Honeymat Dab Mat

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The Dr. Dabber Honeymat is made from medical-grade, platinum-cured silicone and features a non-stick yet super secure grip that’s the perfect place for everything from your concentrates to your glass rig. The non-stick surface of this dab mat provides you with plenty of space to work with your favorite sticky wax concentrates while the inert nature of silicone is super easy to wipe down and keep clean. The Dr. Dabber Honeymat has a smooth, soft, and rubberized texture that is ideal for safely placing down your attachments, dabbers, glass rigs, and other smoking accessories on your table without leaving behind a mess. These dab mats are also highly heat resistant and work to protect your table underneath from being damaged. The Dr. Dabber Honeymat is available in two sizes, a smaller 5” inch diameter hexagon or larger 12” inch diameter hexagon. Each Honeymat features a black trim that surrounds a honeycomb pattern and light blue Dr. Dabber logo in the center. 

Dr. Dabber Honeymat Dab Mat

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Made for Sticky Wax Concentrates 🍯 
Dr. Dabber Honeymat Dab Mat
Honeycomb Hexagon Design
Premium Non-Stick Silicone
Multi-Function Dab Mat
Slip Grip Technology
Rubberized Texture
Durable Design
Heat Resistant
Two Sizes
Easy to Clean
Nonstick Surface
Protects your Tables
Provides Grip for Glass
Light Blue Dr. Dabber Logo
Platinum Cured Silicone Mat
Small Hexagon: 5” x 5” inches
Large Hexagon: 12” x 12” inches

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