Dip Devices EVRI 3-in-1 Vaporizer - Starter Pack 🍯🔋

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The EVRI Vaporizer by Dip Devices is a 3-in-1 modular vape that works with pods, cartridges, and as an electric concentrate straw. This versatile design features a unique magnetic battery that connects to the included attachments for any preferred consumption method. These continuously evolving accessories from Dip Devices includes the Vapor Tip Attachment that allows direct consumption of wax concentrates, and the 510/Pod Attachment, which has one side that connects to pre-filled 510-threaded cartridges and another made to fit refillable e-juice pods. The EVRI Starter Pack includes a 925mAh battery, the vapor tip attachment, the dual-use cartridge/refillable pod attachment, and a USB charger, with detailed product directions throughout the exterior & interior of the packaging.

Dip Devices EVRI Vaporizer

The EVRI Vaporizer Starter Pack includes the EVRI magnetic battery equipped with variable voltage heat settings designed to provide the perfect temperature for a variety of materials. To cycle through temperature options, simply press the button on the EVRI battery three times and wait for the color displayed on the button to change. The lowest temperature (Blue) is best used for e-juices and pod materials. The medium heat setting (Green) is ideal for 510 cartridges & wax concentrates. The highest setting (Red) is also a suitable temperature for concentrates, designed to provide more dense hits and larger clouds. The Dip Devices EVRI Vaporizer will never burn your products and features a 14-second auto-shutoff time on each draw, and a 30-second auto-shutoff between uses that preserves battery life.

Dip Devices EVRI Vaporizer

To use the EVRI Vaporizer as an electric concentrate straw, simply match the two magnetic pins on the EVRI battery and Vapor Tip Attachment. Once it clicks into place, a green flash will indicate you have docked the attachment correctly. Then choose your desired temperature, and use the nectar straw to consume your concentrates directly from your dab container or mat. No more bulky torch or glass oil rig necessary with the EVRI Vapor Tip! This Attachment is made of hard plastic in the frame with an easy to clean removable mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is held tightly in place with a replaceable rubber o-ring. The vaporizer tip uses a metal coil to heat your concentrates and has a plastic cap for travel and safety.

Dip Devices EVRI Vaporizer

Pods and Cartridges unite with the EVRI Vaporizer’s 510/Pod Attachment. To get started, match the two magnetic pins on the EVRI battery and 510/Pod Attachment. When it clicks into place, a green flash will indicate you have docked correctly. The lowest temperature (Blue) is best for pod materials, while the medium setting (Green) is recommended for pre-filled 510-threaded Cartridges. The EVRI vape battery is available in your choice between black or red colors, while both included attachments arrive in solid black colors. Free up some pocket space (and then some) with the multi-functional 3-in-1 EVRI Vaporizer Starter Pack from Dip Devices today!

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Dip Devices EVRI Vaporizer Starter Pack
Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Universal 510-Threaded Vaporizer 🔋 
Works with Pre-Filled Cartridges 
Ceramic Heating Technology
Electronic Nectar Collector
Single Button Controls
3-in-1 Functionality 
925mAh Battery
Simple to Use
Choice of Color
Compact Design
Replaceable Parts
Magnetic Connections
Spring Loaded Carb Button
Fits Industry Standard Tanks
3 Preset Temperature Settings 
One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
1% of All Sales go to Drug Policy Reform

Box Includes:

1 x Dip Devices EVRI Vaporizer Battery
1 x EVRI Vapor Tip Attachment
1 x EVRI 510/Pod Attachment*
1 x EVRI Male Glass Adapter 
1 x USB Charger Cable

*Note: Cartridge and refillable pod are two sides of the same attachment. Cartridge pictured not included with attachment.

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