Diamond Jewel Ash Catcher (14mm, 90° Angle)

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Watching your new bong get dirty immediately after your first hit is a major buzzkill, but the Diamond Jewel Ash Catcher from Diamond Glass is here to help. This water pipe accessory is lightweight, so it won’t tip your piece over and works to keep ash & other debris from reaching the main chambers of your bong. The Diamond Jewel Ash Catcher features a fixed downstem housed within the main chamber that sports a colored glass showerhead disc percolator. This perc adds an extra layer of water filtration to your smoke while trapping unwanted debris. The Diamond Jewel Ash Catcher is available in a variety of colors made to match your favorite bong, each one made with a clear borosilicate glass body and complete with a matching Diamond Glass colored decal on the front.

This Diamond Jewel Ashcatcher from Diamond Glass features a 90° joint angle and 14mm male connection. The joint size corresponds with both joints, so this ash catcher will fit into any 14mm female joint water pipe while accepting 14mm male accessories on top. The 90° joint angle pairs with water pipes and glass bongs that also have a 90° joint angle (commonly seen in straight tubes with a fixed downstem). To use the Diamond Jewel Ash Catcher, simply fill the main chamber with just enough water so the water level is above the percolator. This allows your smoke to be effectively filtered on each hit without pulling excess water into the main chamber of your bong. Give your bong the fresh, clean look it deserves with the Diamond Jewel Ash Catcher from Diamond Glass!

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Compatible with Bongs & Water Pipes
Diamond Glass Jewel Ash Catcher 
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Showerhead Disc Perc
Colored Glass Perc
Fixed Downstem
4.5” inches Tall

Easy to Clean
90° Joint Angle
14mm Joint Sizes
Diamond Glass Decal
Keeps Your Bong Clean
Pairs with 90-Degree Joints
Accepts 14mm Male Accessories
Fits 14mm Female Joint Water Pipes

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