DabTech Elite Plus Smart E-Rig 🍯

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The Dabtech Elite Plus is an innovative Electric Dab Rig that sets a new standard in portable dabbing with its unparalleled usability and exceptional vapor production. The Elite Plus Smart Rig features an extra large bucket, one of the longest lasting batteries in the market, and an indestructible atomizer design. This electric rig is only 10 inches in height and approximately 1.5lb in weight, so it's easy to use and carry wherever you go. Unlike other desktop rigs or electric vape rigs, the Elite Plus uses a 3000mAh internal battery (the biggest battery in the game) that allows for up to 50 dabs on a single charge!

DabTech Elite Plus Electric Dab Rig

The Dabtech Elite Plus Smart Rig gets you started with out-of-the-box temperature control that lets you select the temperature range from 280°F to 800°F within a simple button click. The Elite Plus E-Rig functions by heating up your choice of Titanium, Quartz, or Ceramic buckets within the atomizer chamber, making the experience as close to a traditional dab as possible. Intuitive audio feedback uses sound to establish communication between you and the Elite Plus Vape Rig so that you know what features you’re activating without a second glance. The extra large glass attachment features a recycler chamber above the bubbling water chamber, all leading to an ergonomic flared mouthpiece. The Elite Plus also provides you with Realtime temperature feedback, so you always know exact temperatures. 

DabTech Elite Plus Electric Dab Rig

The Dabtech Elite Plus Smart Rig has put an end to failed atomizers with the most durable atomizer design the vaping industry has ever seen. Say goodbye to complicated atomizers and hard to clean devices as well. All you do with the Elite Plus is remove the bucket, remove the glass, and clean them separately with your product of choice. Make sure to clean the bucket thoroughly with Q-TIP and Iso after each use as well to keep your E-Rig at optimal performance. Snag the Elite Plus today and enjoy a truly elite E-Rig that is well ahead of its time. 

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯 
DabTech Elite Plus Smart E-Rig
Precision Temperature Control
Intuitive Audio Feedback
Glass Water Filtration
3 Button Operation
15mm Buckets
10” inches Tall
Easy to Use
Rapid Heating
3000mAh Battery
Fast USB-Charging
Portable Electric Dab Rig
Lightweight & Travel-Ready
Indestructible Atomizer Design
Temperature Range: 280°F-800°F 
Titanium, Quartz & Ceramic Buckets
Proudly Designed & Made in the USA

Kit Includes:

1 x DabTech Elite Plus 3000MAH Li-Ion Battery
1 x DabTech Glass Recycler
1 x DabTech Elite Plus Stand
1 x Quartz Carb Cap
1 x Titanium Bowl
1 x Ceramic Bowl
1 x Quartz Bowl
1 x Loading Tool
2 x Alcohol Pads
3 x Alcohol Sticks

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