CLIIXX Magnetic Glass Filter Tips - Deluxe Pack

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Size: 10mm
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Did you think those pre-pandemic smoke sessions with your friends were just a thing of the past? Dive back into your old routine with the CLIIXX Deluxe Pack! These Magnetic Glass Filter Tips were designed to stop the spread of germs when smoking pre-rolled joints and blunts. The CLIIXX is made with high-grade borosilicate glass that won’t alter the taste of your flower and features magnetic attachments that serve as the mouthpiece, so everyone in your session has their own. Insert your joint or blunt into the base of the crown, take your hit(s), detach your CLIIXX mouthpiece before passing, and let your smoke buddy attach their own!

The CLIIXX Deluxe Pack is the premium setup and comes with 6 Tips (mouthpieces) and 3 Crowns. These magnetic glass filter tips are available in both 10mm and 12mm sizes, depending on the size of your usual joint or blunt. For larger roll-ups that can’t fit inside either size, the crown can be rolled into the blunt, as seen in the video below. The CLIIXX Deluxe Pack effectively reduces the spread of germs and keeps your fingers smoke-free, all without blocking your intake or reducing the airflow of your favorite hand-rolled products. Make your next smoke session risk-free with the CLIIXX Magnetic Glass Filter Tips Deluxe Pack!

CLIIXX Deluxe Pack Glass Filter Tips

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Compatible with Joints & Blunts 🌿
CLIIXX Magnetic Filter Tips Deluxe Pack
Fits Nearly Any Size Joint/Blunt
High-Grade Borosilicate Glass
Flat Tipped Mouthpieces
Magnetic Attachments
10mm/12mm Sizes
Heat Resistant
Infinitely Reusable
Glass Crutch Filter Tip
Compact & Travel-Friendly
Prevents the Spread of Germs
First & Only Magnetic Glass Filters

Kit Includes:

6 x Magnetic Mouthpiece Tips
1 x Medium Travel Case
3 x Crowns

CLIIXX Deluxe Pack Glass Filter Tips

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