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Just like the familiar PopSocket, the CaliConnected “Pot-Socket” makes handling any mobile phone a breeze while conveniently doubling as a stand for hands-free use! This ingenious invention is simple to use, lightweight, and highly effective at evenly distributing the weight of your mobile phone during long conversations. The CaliConnected Pot-Socket also allows you easily text or play games while lying on your back or side, without losing grip of your phone. When it's time to go, the Pot-Socket Cell Phone Stand collapses within itself to a very minimal, convenient size. The ultra-sticky 3m tape on the backside of this PopSocket is easy to apply and extremely durable, providing an always secure connection to the back of any cell phone or cell phone case. Adorned with the CaliConnected weed leaf logo, the Pot-Socket Cell Phone Stand lets you proudly rep the best online head shop anywhere life takes you!

CaliConnected Weed Leaf Pop Sockets

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CaliConnected “Pot-Socket” Phone Stand
Provides an Optimal Balanced Grip
Secure 3m Tape Connection
Doubles as Phone Stand
Lightweight Design
Folds out for Easy Grip
Folds in for a Compact Fit
CaliConnected Weed Leaf Logo
Works with ANY Cell Phone/Phone Case

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