CaliConnected 6.5” Curved Body Dab Rig 🌿🍯

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Color: Jade Green
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With succulent curves, tasteful styling, and an elegant body, this thick glass water pipe is the complete package! The Curved Body Dab Rig from CaliConnected stands 6.5” inches tall and fits perfectly in your hand thanks to its ergonomic design. You can easily rest your thumb under the colorful glass marble on the backside, while your pinky & ring finger can slide comfortably under the dripping female joint. If you prefer using your oil rig tabled, the wide flared base makes this rig harder to tip than a cow! The Curved Body Dab Rig uses a fixed diffuser downstem housed within the bubble base to filter each dab through water for super smooth and comfortable hits that taste great.

The Curved Body Dab Rig is topped with a slightly bent neck that acts as a splash guard to keep your water in the chamber and away from your mouth as you inhale. Whether you’re in the mood for wax or flower, this water pipe comes with both a thick 14mm quartz banger nail and a 14mm male bowl piece to have you covered in any session. This thick glass oil rig is finished with your choice of colored glass accents on the marble and flared mouthpiece. Bring home a piece you'll be proud to meet your parents (hypothetically, of course) with the Curved Body Dab Rig from CaliConnected!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs & Wax 🌿🍯
CaliConnected Curved Body Dab Rig
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Fixed Diffuser Downstem
Colored Glass Accents
Worked Glass Marble
Ergonomic Design
6.5” inches Tall
Unique Shape
90° Joint Angle
Flared Mouthpiece
14mm Female Joint
14mm Quartz Banger
14mm Male Bowl Piece
Compact & Travel-Friendly
Scientific Glass Water Pipe

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