Blazer Big Buddy Turbo Torch 🔥

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Color: Black/Stainless
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Designed for fast and efficient dabbing, the Blazer Big Buddy TURBO Torch offers an extremely powerful 2500F flame and an impressive 60 minute continuous burn time--all in one easy-to-use, portable butane dab torch. Offering more than the average dab torch, the Big Buddy ensures safe and satisfying dab sessions with a precise flame height adjuster, flame lock lever, and igniter button with safety lock. A detachable stand keeps the torch upright when at rest in between dabs. Boasting a larger nozzle and butane capacity than other dabbing torches, the Big Buddy offers more power and convenience with the same portable design for which Blazer is known. Enjoy mastery over your dab sessions with this compact yet powerful dab torch.

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Blazer Big Buddy Turbo Torch 🔥 
60-Minute Continuous Burn Time
Precision Flame Height Adjuster
Compatible with Any Dab Nail
Continuous Flame Lock Lever
Maximum 2500F Flame
Larger Flame Nozzle
Portable Design
Igniter Button
6” inches Tall
Easy to Refill
Safety Lock

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