Benji Mini Bankroll Rolling Kit

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Meet the smaller sibling of the Benji Bankroll, the Benji Mini Bankroll! Benji’s Mini Bankroll Rolling Kit has an area for rolling, a built-in ashtray, and multiple compartments to store rolling supplies. The rounded corners, polished surface, and tapered edges prevent you from making a complete mess while allowing you to scoop up your materials quickly. When it is time to hit the road, this rolling station folds up and has a magnetic lid to keep everything locked inside. This kit comes with a Benji Booklet of 20 papers, an ashtray, and a scooper. Get the fantastic utility of the Bankroll in a smaller package with the Benji Mini Bankroll Rolling Kit!

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Benji Mini Bankroll Rolling Kit
Durable Bamboo Build
Cornerless Design
Magnetic Lid
Smooth Top
Easy to Clean
Built-In Ashtray
Rounded Edges
Multiple Storage Slots
Compact & Travel-Friendly

Kit Includes:

1 x Benji Bankroll Rolling Station
1 x Benji Booklet of 20 Papers
1 x Herb Scooper
1 x Ashtray

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