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Finally, filter tips for your joints & blunts that matches your style! The Benji Glass Rolling Tips come in three different styles and are the perfect tool for blocking unwanted debris from entering your mouth and eliminating nasty oils & resin from getting on your lips or fingers. These heat-resistant crutches are perfect for finishing all your papers down to the very end without burning your fingertip or lips in the process. The Benji filter tips are reusable and come with a booklet of 20 Benji rolling papers and filters. Top off your favorite Benji Rolling Papers, or any brand of rolling paper & blunt wraps, with the Glass Rolling Tips and start enjoying true luxury at your fingertips!

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Compatible with Joints & Blunts 🌿
Benji Glass Rolling Tips & Papers
Ash-Catching Restriction
Ergonomic Mouthpieces
Reusable Filter Tips
Heat Resistant
Gold Benji Decal
Thick Black Glass
Rolling Papers Included
Fits Most Joint/Pre-Rolled Sizes

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