Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Vaporizer 🌿

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The Arizer Solo II is one of the best portable vaporizers for dry herb on the market today. This is the second iteration of the Arizer Solo, featuring a more powerful battery, improved airflow, a vibrant LED display, customization settings for building the best vaporization experience, and impressively thick vapor production that hits hard. Meticulously designed with precision engineering, the Arizer Solo II allows you to pinpoint the optimal temperature for any dry herb strain, then uses an all-glass borosilicate vapor path to preserve the essential flavors, aromas and benefits of your dry herb with zero combustion. With a travel-friendly size, Arizer Solo II is ideal for home and portable use alike. Expect Arizer Solo II to deliver thick, flavor-rich vapor clouds, a seamless user experience, and a battery life that accommodates the busiest lifestyles!

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

Like your favorite glass bongs & pipes, the Arizer Solo 2 has an all-glass air path featuring 100% borosilicate glass pieces that preserve flavor and keep vapor cool. The Solo II comes with two glass aroma tubes and a ground glass connection. This ground glass joint on the heating chamber can be easily attached to your favorite water pipe or bong using an affordable adapter sold here! Unlike its predecessor, the Arizer Solo II Features freer airflow for bigger draws that feel natural. Coupled with the all-glass vapor path of the Arizer Solo II, the lower resistance makes for vapor clouds full of flavor and heft you can feel. Arizer Solo II is not the most compact portable vape, but it’s the most compact portable vaporizer that delivers the flavor-rich vapor production you’d expect from a desktop vaporizer.

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

The Arizer Solo II features precise temperature control that can vape at any temperature between 122F to 428F. We recommend vaping at lower temperatures for smaller, more flavor-rich vapor, and higher temps for bigger clouds. A new LED display that's an upgrade from the original Arizer Solo makes for an enjoyable, hassle-free experience every use. Arizer has made a point of keeping the Arizer Solo 2 controls very pragmatic so you won’t run into any trouble customizing the settings for this vaporizer. The display is easy to understand, and the controls are boiled down to the nth degree for a seamless user experience. The Arizer Solo II allows you to choose at what increments you can toggle through temps with Custom Session Settings, enabling you to choose temps at either 1 or 10 degree increments. The LED display also makes it very easy to customize the Arizer Solo II volume, session timer, temperature measurement, screen brightness, and start up time.

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

Once your vaporization temperature has been set, the Arizer Solo II features a rapid heat up time thanks to its upgraded battery that heats 3x faster than the original Arizer Solo. The Arizer Solo II packs 3 hours of continuous battery life, and a unique safety feature initiates a 6 second timer before powering the Solo II on, ensuring the device won't turn on by accident. The original Arizer Solo was accoladed as one of the most efficient portable vaporizers of its time. The Arizer Solo II is even better—smaller, faster, and smarter than what came before with the same exceptionally flavorful vapor production that Arizer is known for.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Arizer Solo II Portable Vaporizer
Precision Temperature Controls
Borosilicate Glass Vapor Path
Glass Aroma Tubes (2)
Customizable Settings
30 Second Heat Up
Combustion Free
LED Display
Upgraded Battery
Travel-Friendly Size
Ground Glass Connections
Stir Tool & Soft Case Included
Made in Canada by Arizer Tech.

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