Glassheads 8.5” Inside-Out Frit Glass Sherlock Bubbler

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This unique glass bubbler from Glassheads features a gorgeous design fashioned from inside-out frit glasswork and handmade accents. A deep built-in flower bowl leads your smoke through a fixed downstem within the base to filter and cool each rip while a classy sherlock neck mouthpiece made from twisted marble makes for a stunning display. An air carb located on the left side of the bubbler bowl offers full mastery over the size of each rip with matching decorative marbles worked onto the opposite side for added style and grip. A flat base allows this glass bubbler to rest upright when tabled while a portable 8.5” tall body makes it a great piece for taking with you on-the-go. Each of these bubbler pipes are individually handmade in Nepal and have variations in color and design. Grab the Glassheads 8.5” Inside-Out Frit Sherlock Bubbler today for a truly one-of-a-kind addition to your glass collection!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Glassheads Sherlock Bubbler
Fixed Diffuser Downstem
Built-in Flower Bowl
Left-Side Air Carb
8.5” inches Tall
Thick Glass
Colors Vary*
Inside-out Frit
Sherlock Neck

Handmade in Nepal 
Worked Glass Accents
Portable & Travel-Friendly

*Note: Each of these Glassheads bubblers are individually handmade in Nepal and differ in color from the glass pipe pictured. Our imports always undergo a very strict quality control check so we can guarantee your satisfaction with the product you receive. 

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