Grav® 14mm Glass Cleaning Plugs / Airflow Corks

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Many people opt to use a spare finger or thumb to plug their water pipe joint while cleaning, usually resulting in smelly fingers and a nasty mess. These Glass Cleaning Plugs from Grav are the perfect tool for a quick assist in your bong cleaning process, working to create an airtight seal in any 14mm female joint. The Grav Glass Cleaning Plugs also double as convenient air corks for blocking the airflow to one side of any water pipe that features two joints. Snag just one to pair with water pipes like the Grav Dual Function Water Pipe, or choose our convenient 7-pack bundle we designed for use with the Grav Menorah Bong!

To use the Grav Cleaning Plugs, simply replace the hole where your bowl piece usually sits with the glass plug and hold it in place while shaking your isopropyl alcohol or other cleaning solution around the interior of the pipe. We highly recommend sterilizing your glass pipes with a mixture of Higher Standards ISO Pure & Higher Standards Salt Rox for a thorough disinfectant and polished finish when rinsed clean.

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Compatible with Bongs & Water Pipes
Grav® Glass Cleaning Plugs / Airflow Corks
Blocks Airflow & Creates Airtight Seal*
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Clear Ground Joint
Easy to Use
14mm Male Joint
Fits 14mm Female Joints
Thick Glass Cleaning Plugs
7-Pack Bundle for the Grav Menorah 

*Note: If using the Grav Glass Plugs for cleaning purposes, you will still need to hold down the joint to ensure the plug doesn’t come loose while mixing or rinsing your cleaning solution. It’s not necessary to hold when using as an airflow cork for water pipes with more than one joint.

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