TightVac Storage

Keep your vaporizer materials fresh with these air-tight containers from TightVac. One push of a button creates a vacuum seal by pushing out any excess air surrounding the contents. This design extends the shelf life of your vapeables, by preventing them from drying out. The seal is water resistant and the container is constructed from polycarbonate for durability.

Proper storage of your dry herb materials is essential to their longevity. Whether keeping a large quantity or a more meager amount of dry herb material, there is a Tightvac product for you. Why use TightVac over more conventional methods of storage? Tightvac containers are specifically designed and engineered to remain airtight, which will maintain the integrity and flavor of your herbal blends.

As herbs are exposed to air, they undergo an oxidation process which is detrimental to their optimal function. Herbal materials can easily become overly dry or humid as they are exposed to the elements. This damages the molecules responsible for flavors and aromas. Much like you wouldn’t leave a fine cigar in a dirty paper bag, you shouldn’t leave your herbs in insufficient storing containers. Preserve your herb and savor more flavor with TightVac containers.