High Society 7.5" Astara Premium Wig Wag Concentrate Rig

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Color: Miami
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The High Society Astara Premium Wig Wag Concentrate Rig is an exceptional piece that combines both simplicity and flair, offering a unique and elegant experience for concentrate users. This rig features a fully worked NorthStar US wig-wag banger hanger design, characterized by its distinct and colorful patterns. Its design is a perfect blend of artistic expression and practical functionality, making it a standout piece in any collection.

Key features of the Astara Rig include a fixed 4 slit perc, meticulously crafted to ensure flawless function specifically for concentrate use. Its smaller size and reduced percolation are designed to enhance the true flavors of terpenes, providing a pure and unadulterated tasting experience. The rig is made of German Schott clear glass, known for its high quality and durability, and includes a 14mm female downstem. Additionally, it comes equipped with a premium etched HS Sol banger and a matching premium Wig Wag HS Carb Cap, further accentuating its overall quality and style. The Astara Rig is celebrated for its outstanding durability and reliability, offering a seamless vapor path and a comfortable mouthpiece for a smooth and enjoyable dabbing experience.

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