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Newport Torches

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Newport Torches

Newport torches came to prominence out of England in the 1960s, gaining international acclaim over the years for the quality of their industrial-strength torches. With decades of experience in the torch industry, Newport Butane has honed their craft to deliver some of the best dab torches in the world. Equipped with advanced features that make dabbing easier and more effective, each Newport torch offers a convenient, powerful dabbing experience every session. Featuring durable and dependable designs, these premium dab torches are a favorite among dab enthusiasts.

Why Choose a Newport Torch?

First and foremost, Newport torches feature no impurities in their butane, ensuring clean, spark-free flames that are discreetly odorless. Each Newport dab torch features rapid-fire ignition so you can dab in a seamless manner. A high grade Piezo crystal ignition ensures instant flames. Simply press the ignition and the flame will rapidly emit from the anodized metal barrel. Once ignited, a built-in adjuster allows you to toggle your flame with precision. Newport Torches allow you to tailor your flame for whatever dab nail you're using. Designed to make the latest torching technology easy to control, these premium dabbing torches feature simple, ergonomic designs that give you mastery over your dab sessions.

Newport Torches

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