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Honey Labs

Founded in Warren, Ohio in 2016, Honey Labs is the maker of the Honey Dabber, a wood-bodied concentrate straw of homespun appeal with an innovative twist. Unlike most dipstick style dabbers, the Honey Dabber boasts a patented cherry wood sleeve that protects the straw and covers up the hot tip after use. No more broken straws. No more waiting for the tip to cool after torching it. Just slip the cover on and pocket the Honey Dabber after you take a hit. Honey Labs offers titanium and glass straws, free of chemicals, for use with the Honey Dabber.

Honey Labs boiled dipstick style dabbing down to the essentials with the Honey Dabber. Easy-to-use and hassle free, the Honey Dabber enables quick hits on-the-go of your favorite waxy oils with no pain. Just torch the straw and dip it into a dish (glass or metal) containing your oil concentrates, then take a hit from the opposite end of the Honey Dabber. Expect dense, potent, and intensely flavorful dabs from the Honey Dabber, a gizmo that lives up to its name.

You can choose between two different straws. Glass preserves the flavor of waxy oils. Titanium makes big, robust dabs. Each Honey Dabber straw is constructed with care and cleansed of any chemicals or manufacturing residues. The Honey Dabber by Honey Labs features a beautiful cherry wood body that is compact, grippable, and sensuous to the touch.

Honey Labs released the Honey Dabber II in April 2017 with a few upgrades to the original Honey Dabber. Now users can replace their tips, choosing between glass or titanium (with quartz just over the horizon). A medical-grade friction mount located inside the mouthpiece lets you easily remove and insert heating tips when itโ€™s time to swap. Honey Labs has broken dipsticking vaping down to a science with Honey Dabber II, the most convenient and effective concentrate straw on the market today.

Honey Labs

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