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Built on a foundation that centers around the advancement of vaporizing technology, Boundless is setting the new standard for portable vaporizers. Beginning with their first model, the CF, they have had a vision of delivering reliable vapes at an affordable price. This consumer minded approach has allowed them to focus on the user's experience and develop more effective vapor production methods. Consistently improving to stay head of the game, Boundless took things to the next level with their followup vaporizer, the CFX. Boasting a digital display screen with full temperature control and rapid heating capabilities, this is the unit that put Boundless Vape Technologies on the map.

The purest flavor is truly achieved when there is no contact between the heat source and material being vaporized. With that info under close consideration, Boundless got hard at work and produced the CFV portable vaporizer. Featuring unique rings that prevent conduction along the heating chamber walls, the CFV provides full convection airflow. Only heated air contacts the herbal material so there is no threat of combustion. Take a look at the options below and join Boundless on their quest for vaporizer perfection.


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