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UPC Colored Glass Straight Tube Bong

In anticipation of some new UPC products and huge restocks arriving in next couple of months, we are beginning to clear out our existing inventory of UPC glass and giving you an additional 15% off every price you see! Use the coupon code “UPC15” at checkout to save on UPC glassware before your favorite bongs and pipes are gone forever!

Until Prohibition Ceases:

An American glassblowing company based in Los Angeles, California, UPC glass continues to produce superior glass bongs & water pipes at unbeatable prices. The brand has over 10+ years of experience, and there no-nonsense styling produces thick & sturdy designs that last a lifetime. Every piece is stamped with the UPC Barcode logo, a perfect encapsulation of the brands mission to provide high-quality, American-made glass smoking pipes to the masses at affordable prices.

UPC Glass Barcode Logo

Around since the dawn of counterculture time, UPC glass started as Gilded Glass before being acquired by Glassheads Distribution. Gilded Glass was then rebranded as UPC, which stood for Until Prohibition Ceases. Glassheads did wonders for expanding the UPC brand into the huge selection of glass bongs, glass bubblers, dab rigs and glass accessories you see today. The company is now owned and operated by Smoke Cartel Inc., where they continue to create the classic utilitarian designs we have to come to expect from the UPC name.

Our Biggest Savings:

UPC 8" Dual Honeycomb Perc Mini Dab Rig

UPC Dual Honeycomb Dab Rig

This mini straight tube rig from UPC glass is built to satisfy, with TWO highly effective honeycomb percolators housed within the base. Standing at just 8” inches tall, the UPC Dual Honeycomb Dab Rig is the perfect size to deliver potent dabs without sacrificing portability. The polished joint on this mini rig perfectly compliments the included quartz banger. Already marked down 25% from the original price, grab one of these close-out glass rigs at an unbelievable price before they’re gone for good!

UPC Glass Hammer Bubbler Pipe

UPC Glass Hammer Bubbler

The Platinum Decaled UPC Hammer Bubbler Pipe features super unique styling on a 7.5” inch glass bubbler you'll be stoked to pass around with your friends. This UPC Hammer is equipped with optimal functionality including a flat base that leaves your pipe sitting upright when tabled, a 2-hole diffuser for optimal filtration, and a left-handed air carb that gives you full mastery over your rips. The Platinum Decaled UPC Hammer Bubbler is finished off with classy platinum baked decals on the borosilicate glass chamber & color accents throughout the body including a worked marble grip. Already marked down $15 from the original sale price, your practically stealing this UPC glass bubbler from us!

CaliConnected Exclusives:

UPC Platinum Percolated Straight Tube Water Pipe

UPC White Platinum Percolated BongThese exclusive UPC water pipes were snagged by the experts on our purchasing team and are the last of their kind at the moment (either discontinued or extensively out of stock). One of the most elegant & upscale designs ever released by UPC, the Platinum Percolated Straight Tube Water Pipe is a delightfully colored straight tube bong that provides ultra-smooth filtered rips from a removable diffuser downstem and choice of one or two showerhead percolators. This UPC straight tube bong is made on thick 38mm heavy wall tubing and features pure platinum decals on the outside of the pipe. Fully equipped with a pinched glass ice catcher for stacking up cubes and color matching heavy flower bowl, the UPC Platinum Percolated Water Pipe wont last long when you add an extra 15% at this price. 

UPC 20” Wrap & Rake 5 Zong Water Pipe

UPC 20” Zong Bong

Ready to snag yourself a true showpiece that’s built to impress? Break out this 20” inch tall UPC monster bong and watch the jaws drop at your next smoke session. When seated, this large & in-charge 20” inch UPC water pipe can comfortably reach your mouth while remaining on the floor. This impressively tall and extremely voluminous bong takes your smoke on a journey through 5 zigzagging zongs that also make handling this huge piece a breeze. Take the biggest rips and watch your smoke zig and zag between 5 distinct horns before finally reaching the top! Featuring some old-school wrap & rake styling around the mouthpiece & pull-stem bubbler base, this bong is a time-tested classic. Snag one today with a sweet 15% discount and prepare for endless admiration from everyone that lays a finger on it.

UPC Triple & Quadruple Bubbler Dab Rigs w. 50mm x 5mm Glass

UPC Triple Bubbler Dab Rig

These 50mm x 5mm Bubbler Rigs are extremely durable despite their more fragile looking build, and have remained an extremely popular rig since they were released (making them hard to find inventory!). The UPC Triple Bubbler Dab Rig is the perfect mix of portability & filtration, containing three separate & distinct percolation chambers that work simultaneously to cool your smoke before reaching the bent neck mouthpiece. Like the name implies, the Quadruple Bubbler Dab Rig is equipped with the same specs except with a 4th percolation chamber added to the mix. This new line of “50mmx5mm” glass from the experts at UPC gets its name from its 50mm tubing body and 5mm thick glass, a much thicker and more durable build than the current industry standard. Both of these iconic UPC Dab Rig Bubblers are made on 50mm diameter heavy wall tubing with diffuser downstems in each chamber and each includes a high-quality quartz banger!

Staff Favorites:

UPC 16" Multi-Arm Tree Percolator Beaker Water Pipe

UPC green multi-arm tree perc bong

This beautiful work of art will be hard to leave dirty. The UPC Multi-Arm Tree Perc Water Pipe is a 16” inch beaker base bong available in 3 stylish colors that really make this piece stand out from the crowd (only 1 color left in stock at the moment!). Made on extra thick 44mm heavy wall tubing, this UPC glass beaker is sturdy, durable & built to last a lifetime. The pinched glass ice catcher and color matching heavy flower bowl work to compliment the diffusion power of the domed multi-arm tree percolator for an all-around glass beaker bong thats almost too pretty to use. 

UPC 14" Color Straight Tube Water Pipe

UPC colored straight tube bong

There’s no bells & whistles here--simplicity at its finest, the UPC 14" Color Straight Tube Water Pipe features a diffuser downstem and deep-set pinched glass ice catcher for stacking up ice cubes. This 14” inch tall water pipe comes in a variety of stunning colors to match any personality, with a 14mm dry herb flower bowl included.  Made using premium borosilicate glass, this thick glass bong will be sure to please both your lungs & your bank account too!

UPC 10" Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe

UPC 10” honeycomb perc bong

Equipped with a classic honeycomb disc percolator, domed splash guard, and bent neck mouthpiece, this UPC glass bong is built to deliver cool hits from massive rips. Another time-tested UPC classic, the 10” Honeycomb Water Pipe provides a smooth & satisfying pull from a simple & quaint design. Stamped with the black UPC barcode decal, the 10” Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe is made from premium borosilicate glass made proudly in the USA (just like every other UPC pipe!). Perfectly sized to effectively filter your smoke while compact enough to stay travel-friendly, this affordable glass bong is a no-brainer especially with an added 15% off an already cheap price point.

So what are you waiting for? Buy cheap glass bongs online from the master glassblowers at UPC glass today!

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