Weedgets Maze-X Hand Pipe

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The Maze-X Pipe is the most recent addition to the outstanding line of coughless hand pipes from Weedgets! This spoon pipe is an upgrade to the original Maze Pipe and features a borosilicate glass bowl to make your smoking experience even smoother. Featuring patented coughless technology, the Maze-X allows you to take large, cool rips without the discomfort of hot smoke or ash reaching your mouth and lungs. The Maze-X Hand Pipe was designed with stealth in mind and is the perfect travel companion when smoking on the go. Get a piece that will forever change your perception of hand pipes by providing cool, light, and filtered hits with the Weedgets Maze-X Hand Pipe!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Weedgets Maze-X Hand Pipe
Anodized Aluminum Handle
Borosilicate Glass Bowl
Filters Ash and Resin
Coughless Design
5.5” inch Length
Simple to Clean
Replaceable Parts
Compact & Discreet
Spoon-Style Hand Pipe
Practically Indestructible
Medical Grade Silicone Body

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