Weedgets Doob Tube Kit

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The Weedgets Doob Toob is an aluminum tube built to protect your pre-rolls from accidental damage while on the move. Each Doob Tube Kit comes with an integrated, infinitely reusable, and easy-to-clean silicone joint filter tip that can serve as the mouthpiece for any standard size pre-rolled joint or blunt. The included Doob Tube Filter Tip also works to block unwanted debris from entering your mouth and makes your favorite hand-rolled products easier to pass around. The Weedgets Doob Tube is made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum and features a child-proof safety lock that provides a smell-proof seal. Always keep your pre-rolled joints and blunts safe & sound with the Weedgets Doob Tube Kit!

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Weedgets Doob Tube Kit
Fits Pre-Rolled Joints & Blunts
Integrated Silicone Filter Tip
Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Protects From Damage
Smell-Proof Seal

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