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The Weedgets Maze Pipe offers less coughing, minimal harshness to your throat & lungs, and unprecedented smoothness with every hit. The incredible design of the Maze Hand Pipe features a long silicone maze located between the bowl and mouthpiece that filters ash and resin, so it never reaches your mouth. As you light your bowl and draw from the silicone mouthpiece, the extended air path works to drastically cool your smoke to smooth perfection! Although the design of the Maze Pipe may sound like a cleaning catastrophe, this hand pipe can be quickly and easily disassembled for regular cleaning. 

Weedgets Maze Hand Pipe

Weedgets offers the Maze Pipe in a variety of colors, each one constructed from durable aluminum and resilient silicone to make it practically indestructible if accidentally dropped. The removable stainless steel bowl piece is the only bowl on the market that does not require you to grind your flower as the pod burns unground flower effectively with its kiln-like effect. Snag the Maze Hand Pipe today and enjoy the safest, lightest, and smoothest hits imaginable from a dry pipe! 

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Weedgets Maze Hand Pipe
Anodized Aluminum Neck
Filters Ash and Resin
Replaceable Parts
Simple to Clean
5” inch Length
Choice of Colors

Coughless Design
Compact & Discreet
Spoon-Style Hand Pipe
Practically Indestructible
Stainless Steel Flower Bowl
Medical-Grade Silicone Body

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