The TokeMate Smoker’s Caddy + Attachments

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Color: UV Green
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Do you believe in love at first sight? Well you just might now. Introducing the TokeMate by High Life Products, the first of its kind all-in-one smoking caddy for keeping your table clean and your smoking tools in order. Perfect for both disposing ash while holstering all of your essential tools, the TokeMate top was designed to be easy on delicate pieces, yet durable for heavy use. Featuring a completely customizable top with interchangeable accessories, the TokeMate will keep you organized and put an end to missing lighters, dab sticks & anything else you deem worthy.

The TokeMate Ash Tray with smoking tools

These bad boys are simple to use and easy to personalize, with a variety of stunning UV color options that are blacklight reactive. All TokeMate purchases include a frosted glass jar with your choice of color top, 2 stickers, and 2 double sided spikes designed specifically for scraping & clearing bowls. Also included is the Smoker’s Collection Kit, 3 of our favorite essential accessories for customizing the top of your TokeMate. The Smoker’s Collection Kit includes the 14/18mm Bowl Holder for docking your water pipe bowl pieces, the 10ft Hemp Spool, and a standard size Pipe Clip for holstering your hand pipes & chillums. With 7 customizable slots for your attachments and spikes, 2 rare earth magnets for holding lighters & anything else magnetic, and grooves to hold your blunts or joints, no two TokeMates will look the same!TokeMate Smokers Caddy Ash Tray

The TokeMate Ash Tray

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The TokeMate Smoker’s Caddy
Perfect for Disorganize Tables & Lost Lighters
Signature TokeMate made of Soft, Robust Plastic
Rare Earth Magnets - Strongest on the Market
Holds 14mm & 18mm Water Pipe Bowls
10ft Spool of Premium Hemp Wick
Double-Sided Steel Poker Spikes
Holds Lighters & Dab Sticks
Grooves for Blunts & Joints
Unique Ash Catching Tray
Great Gift for Stoners
Variety of UV Colors
Frosted Glass Jar
Easy to Use

Smoker's Collection Kit Accessories:

1 x Bowl Holder for 14mm & 18mm Slides
2 x Two Double-Sided Steel Pokers
1 x 10-Foot Hemp Spool
1 x Hand Pipe Clip
The TokeMate Ash Tray removable spikes

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