The Breakfast Bowl Wake & Bake Water Pipe + Cyclops Bowl

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Color: Green Cyclops
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Part of a well-balanced breakfast, the Breakfast Bowl Wake & Bake Water Pipe ensures you get your daily dose of greens bright and early in the morning. Expertly handcrafted with high quality borosilicate glass, the remarkable design of the Breakfast Bowl Pipe allows whatever is in the eating bowl on top to assist with cooling down the smoke that travels through the inner chamber below. Built to satisfy the largest of appetites (a.k.a. your resulting munchies), the Wake & Bake Water Pipe’s eating bowl has a 2 cup volume, ideal for large bowls of cereal or anything else you deem worthy. You can even fill the Breakfast Bowl with ice for an even colder experience! 

Glass Cereal Bowl Wake & Bake Bong

The Breakfast Bowl Wake & Bake Water Pipe is a breeze to maintain and features a removable stemmed mouthpiece for easy cleaning. The natural shaped impression of the eating bowl keeps the fixed downstem submerged in water to make a functional percolator that effectively filters your smoke with a nice chug, further cooled by the extra tall borosilicate glass bent neck mouthpiece. Also included is the 18mm Horned Cyclops bowl as seen pictured, perfect for deep bowl packs to get the day started right.

Glass Cereal Bowl Wake & Bake Bong

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
The Breakfast Bowl Wake & Bake Water Pipe
Unique One-Eyed Cyclops Bowl Piece
Removable Glass Mouthpiece
Functional Cereal Bowl Bong
Naturally Sturdy Base
Fixed 90° Downstem
12" inches Tall
6" inches Wide
18mm Female Joints
2 Cup Volume Eating Bowl
Great Gift Idea for Stoners!
7.5" inches Long (Joint to Joint)
18mm Horned Cyclops Bowl Piece

Glass Breakfast Bowl Wake & Bake Bong

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