Tasty Drops 4 Pets: CBD for Cats (1oz, 200mg) 🐈

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Tasty Drops 4 Pets features the same high-quality ingredients and benefits you see from the Tasty Drops brand for humans but instead designed with your furry four-legged friend in mind. Tasty Drops Hemp Oil for Cats is a full-spectrum herbal hemp supplement packed with phytonutrients that work to support and promote the overall wellness of your feline. If your cat suffers from joint pain, anxiety, or general stress from everyday pet life, this CBD oil will be your godsend. Tasty Drops Hemp Oil for Cats is a 1oz bottle of raw unflavored hemp oil containing 200mg of CBD.

Purfurred CBD for Cats

Cats seldom suffer from separation anxiety like their doggy counterparts, but they can be just as fearful of loud noises and new people. If you find your cat oftentimes hiding under your bed or other obscure places when new people are visiting your home, CBD could very well be the solution to reversing that behavior. Likewise, as your cat ages, the benefits of CBD have been shown to reduce inflammation and help manage the pain that comes with joint stress. Tasty Drops Hemp Oil for Cats was made to easily mix into the food from your pet’s normal diet and was designed specifically for cats using extra virgin olive oil to compliment their sensitive digestive system.

How to Use:

As a dietary food supplement, mix Tasty Drops Hemp Oil for Cats into your pet’s food once or twice daily, as directed by your veterinarian.

Recommended serving sizes:

  • 10 Drops for Pets up to 25lbs
  • 20 Drops for Pets 26-50 lbs
  • 30 Drops for Pets over 50lbs (½ dropper full)

Purfurred CBD Hemp Oil for Cats

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Tasty Drops 4 Pets: CBD Hemp Oil for Cats 🐈
3rd Party Lab Tested for Purity & Potency
Easily Mixes into Regular Cat Food*
Treats Inflammation & Joint Pain
Helps Manage Stress & Anxiety
200mg of Full-Spectrum CBD
Raw Unflavored Hemp Oil
Organic & All-Natural
Built-In Dropper Cap
1oz. (30ml) Bottle 
Made in the USA


Active Ingredient: Phytocannabinoids (CBD) 200mg
Other Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*Warning: Always consult a veterinarian before modifying your pet’s diet or using any new product. This CBD product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

COA: Lab results are available here.

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